Caffeine or no caffeine?

One of the biggest obstacles of depression is your energy level. Energy seems to disappear and we need to figure out why.

So what can you do, to get that energy, you need back?

I’m going to crush you a little bit but the answer is to give up caffeine. Or to lower it everyday until your down to a cup of coffee or 100mg a day at most. Caffeine, spikes your natural cortisol levels. It’s your bodies main stress hormone. It controls things like fear, motivation and even your mood.

So if your constantly on the caffeine train to get your energy, your cortisol levels are always unstable. Your getting way too much cortisol levels and then your body crashes way too fast, afterwards. So your in a cycle, of thinking you need more and more caffeine.

The problem is with high cortisol levels (un natural levels because of what caffeine does) comes problems. Anxiety, Depression, trouble sleeping, weight gain, problems with digestion.

With too much caffeine your body is constantly producing too much cortisol, which in turn, is telling your body somethings stressful, somethings wrong, your in danger, etc… It’s literally fueling your fight or flight instincts in your body.

So knowing this you can understand why you might be feeling stressed, anxiety ridden, tired, and fearful all the time. So lets try and get our body back to normal and get our cortisol levels in check.

Here are some things I have done to help with my addiction to caffeine, I hope it helps you as well.

I’ve substituted my normal coffee with decaf coffee. It still has caffeine but at a fraction of normal coffee. I love having coffee in the morning with my wife, so this helps with that craving. Good news, it taste the exact same!

If I’m tired throughout the day, I do some yoga poses, pushups, pull ups, ab training, or I go for a walk. When your active, you create energy. Energy doesn’t just happen by itself, you must create it, by making yourself start something active. It might seem impossible but it works!

I hope this helps you out in your journey to a better life :).

Feel free to comment below on your success with these tips or give me more tips that have worked for you, thanks 🙂

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